Super Warhawk Weekend brings campus, community together

After Deborah Chandler, the director of ULM’s choir, suggested the choir perform on day two of the Super Warhawk Weekend, Jarryd Gutierrez and some fellow choir members decided to volunteer to sing at the Grove.

Jarryd Gutierrez, a senior vocal performance major, came with some of the production members of VAPA to promote the upcoming musical, “Adam’s Family,” and the choir concert, “Stars.”

“The participation from students, in general, helps spotlight a department that is not represented. It is also a way to highlight all of VAPA’s involvement and all the different ways we represent the university,” Gutierrez said.

Kenzie Farquhar, the head of SGA’s Student Life and Academic Enhancement Committee, said Super Warhawk Weekend stemmed from the idea of bringing back Parents Day.

“This weekend was a busy weekend for baseball, so we decided to make what we usually have for the spring football game into an opportunity to bring the Monroe community, alumni, current students and future students together,” Farquhar said.

SGA partnered with the Alumni Association to host the crawfish boil alongside live music, campus tours, free food and baseball games.

Sarah O’Connor Siereveld, the director of Alumni Affairs, said the Alumni Association was honored to be invited to participate in the weekend.

“The crawfish boil is for the community and alumni just so everyone can get together and celebrate the football game afterwards,” Siereveld said.

The crawfish boil is a long-honored ULM tradition hosted by the Alumni Association every year. It’s a comfort food for most Louisianans. Everybody knows when it’s crawfish season because that means everybody gets together, has a good time, socializes and parties.

This year, they used crawfish from Crawfish City.The owner, Joey Trappey, is an alumnus. 

“We love to meet future alumni, which is our current students and we love to make sure that we are connecting with our community,” Siereveld said. 

The event at the Grove featured students from VAPA. A couple of students that graduated from ULM performed as part of the live music lineup. 

“In a way, our campus is a melting pot of different talents, cultures and groups,” Gutierrez said.  “This weekend has served as an opportunity to display all that the university has to offer.”

SGA had wings and burgers from Kravins Restaurant. They gave them out for free to the first 300 students that came.

“This week has also been a way of giving towards the future students. Letting them see the leisure and the athletic side of ULM as well as showing them the campus,” Farquhar said. “To get more students and the Monroe community on our campus and also show that we can have fun and it is not just all about school.”