Water ski team dazzles at spring fever showcase

A warm, clear blue sky above the bayou. There couldn’t have been a more perfect day to watch the ULM water ski team display their talents. During Spring Fever Week, the team took their skills to the water for everyone to see.

Their talents are reflected by the 29 National Championship titles they have. And with each year the team gets better.

It only took them a few days to prepare and practice for the spring fever showcase because they had roughly the same routine as last year with a few minor tweaks. Stanislava Prosvietova, a freshman member, said it took them a little extra time to practice the pyramid trick.

Everyone that came to the show was astonished by the tight turns that team members like Viktar Harbachuk did or the massive jumps that others performed. Some crowd favorites included the pyramid and the over-the-wake backflips.

“My favorite part was the closure of all of us skiing at the same time,” Harbachuk said. “It was a lot of fun.”

Harbachuk, a junior team member, said the showcases are a good way to get students together and having fun.

“I believe it is quite entertaining watching us ski,” Harbachuk said. “I hope it is, at least.”

Luiza Charnyshova, a senior team member, said she loved it all so much she couldn’t decide on a favorite part.

The three day preparation does not compare to the 10 or more years some of the students have been water skiing. Charnyshova has been water skiing for over 14 years and has been on the ULM team since 2018.

“It’s really fun to perform in front of an audience,” Charnyshova said. “I think we’re all used to it at this point, so it is definitely not stressful.