Delta variant causes another spike in COVID

Finally, life seemed to go back to normal after dealing with coronavirus for over a year. Then, boom—Another major COVID spike happened: the Delta variant. 

The Delta variant was initially detected in India last year. Now, it’s the most dominant strain of COVID globally, according to the CDC. 

With another spike in COVID cases came another round of confusion.

Many schools have had to decide if students should be allowed to participate in person or if masks and vaccines should be required. ULM is no exception. 

Shane Dykes, the facilities management and environmental health and safety officer, said while the next steps are undecided, the university is constantly working with students to keep them safe. 

“While we cannot eliminate the risk of contracting COVID-19 on campus, we can help reduce the likelihood of its spread through vaccinations and safe health practices,” Dykes said. “We need your help and patience as we navigate these somewhat familiar waters again.” 

While the university has mandated masks on campus for vaccinated and unvaccinated people, ULM has not fully figured out what to do about vaccines. 

However, it is slowly working out how to incorporate vaccines into the normal flow of university life. 

The first step was requiring students to bring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to move into their dorms. 

Despite everything not being figured out, many students are still excited to get back to school. 

Mya Thornhill, a sophomore psychology major, feels nervous to come back to school but is comforted by being vaccinated. 

“Personally, I’m a bit nervous but excited,” Thornhill said. “I’m halfway vaccinated myself, and I’m getting my second dose later this month, so I feel a bit better about returning.”

The Delta variant will be around for the foreseeable future so the university will take things day by day.