Cuomo needs to resign immediately

Imagine after finishing undergrad and getting your master’s degree, you have just been hired for your dream job. You are now an advisor to the governor of New York. 

Young and unsure of your position, you try your best to keep your head down, but you have already caught the eye of the governor. He always makes comments to you about the way you dress, how he likes the way you look and one day he even kisses you without your consent. 

You don’t want to be around him, but you don’t want to lose your job either.

Sadly, this is the dilemma that 11 women faced when they encountered former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

When sexual harassment is experienced in the workplace, many people are left with questions about what to do next.  This confusion is heightened when the abuser is someone in a position of power. 

We must do a better job of making our workplaces a safer and more comfortable environment to work while holding accountable those that cross the lines. 

On Aug. 3, New York State Attorney General Letitia James released a report of a five month long investigation which included detailed reports of how Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women. 

This investigation did not come as a surprise to many though. Allegations against Cuomo began circulating in early December of 2020. 

In March, more women began to come forward against the governor, each one with their own unique story of how he had made comments about them in the workplace or outright violated them. 

The fact that it took this long for Cuomo to resign is a disgusting example of how people in power can manipulate and hide stories. These women had to suffer alone for years. 

It is time that we start taking a stand for one another and reporting these abuses when they happen. 

College aged students are at an elevated risk for sexual assault and harassment. According to RAINN, 13% of all college students will experience some type of sexual assault while in college, and of these only 20% will report. 

Cuomo needs to be held responsible for his actions and indicted on criminal charges. He needs to face the reality of his situation and sign his resignation papers.

If we hold these abusers accountable and stop the abuse before it happens, then we can save people from having experiences like these women. All it takes is one person to speak out.