Students find campus employment at job fair

Job fairs are some of the best ways for students to find jobs and make connections. 

The ULM Career Center slowly eased students into job fairs this semester by hosting a work-study job fair. 

Many on-campus organizations such as the Child Development Center, Department of Education, athletics and The Alumni Center were offering students jobs. 

Alicia Rollins, the student employment coordinator, explained that job fairs are a big factor in student development. 

“We want to try to develop [students] as individuals, so what this does is prepare them for life after they graduate,” Rollins said. “Students will learn how to interact with people in a professional way, learn to write resumes and cover letters and ultimately get that one-on-one experience.” 

After dealing with COVID for the past year and a half, many students were excited to be able to get out and network. 

For Caitlin Badgley, a pre-pharmacy major, getting to meet new people was a major advantage.  

“A benefit for me would definitely be networking and being able to meet people my age who are also looking for a job and meeting different employers and just getting out in the community,” Badgley said. 

The job fair was not only beneficial for students but also employers. 

It gave employers a wide range of students to talk to that they would not have seen with a simple ad on Facebook or the ULM website. 

The ULM football team was looking for students that were willing to learn and be creative, which could be difficult to pin down online. However, the job fair allowed them to see the creativity students could bring to the team.

Jermaine Watkins, ULM video sports and athletics graduate assistant, explained that the job fair is a great environment for athletics because it allows them to pick someone who best suits their needs. 

“Employers get to find student workers who are eager to learn and are willing to try new things to better not only themselves but also the organization that they’re working for,” Watkins said. 

The Career Center will continue to host various job fairs throughout the semester to give students and employers the opportunity to find the perfect fit for them.