Attendance limit will save season


Football in Louisiana is more than a game—it’s an experience. Much of it centers around Saturday night tailgates or cookouts before the game. Attending the games and being a part of that atmosphere is central to the experience. 

But right now, we must do our part and stay home. 

Seating capacity and mask mandates at outdoor events will prevent the spread of COVID while still allowing our beloved football to continue. 

Last year, with case numbers rising, Louisiana instilled a 25% seating capacity on all outdoor sporting events. 

As things seemed to be getting better, Gov. Edwards drew back on regulations and capacity went to 50% then eventually went away on April 28 this year. 

At the beginning of summer this seemed to be the right move. 

Louisiana’s case numbers were the lowest they had been since the pandemic began and it seemed as though we could make a transition into post-pandemic life. 

But the Delta variant has caused Louisiana’s case numbers to make a complete turnaround and we’re seeing our highest numbers yet. 

According to AP News, our state has the highest number of new COVID cases per capita in the U.S. Our doctors and hospitals are overrun. 

There are currently over 3,000 COVID patients in Louisiana hospitals, with over 400 of those on ventilators. 

If we hold football games at full capacity, it will cause super-spreader events that will lead to football not being held at all. 

We must take this virus seriously and take a page out of last season’s playbook. 

Putting a seating cap of at least 50% and mandating masks at these events will allow the season to continue as planned. 

Until our case numbers begin to drop or our vaccination numbers rise, we must do our part to stop the spread. 

Some of us will have to watch from home, but putting lives on the line to watch a game in person is not the way to go.