Miscommunication may cost Saints and star wide receiver Michael Thomas


New Orleans Saints’ wide receiver Micheal Thomas has set himself apart from the rest of the league. He has become one of the most productive members on the team since he was taken in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He has been to three Pro Bowls, named First Team All-Pro twice and his 149 receptions in a single season is an NFL record.

However, there has been conflict with the star wideout and the Saints, as the team feels that Thomas has not been open with the organization.

The main cause of the conflict is the recent ankle surgery Thomas underwent in June. While this surgery was necessary, the Saints feel that the surgery was ill timed, as Thomas’ timeline for return is uncertain. Optimistic reports say he could be back within the first six weeks, while others say he will not be healthy until midseason. 

A report put out by Jeff Duncan of the Times Picayune stated that Thomas is at fault for failing to communicate with his team about surgery.

 “The most talented receiver in Saints history dropped the ball,” Duncan said.

After news of this went public, Thomas took to Twitter. 

“They tried to damage your reputation,” Thomas said. “You saved theirs by not telling your side of the story.”

Thomas has gained a negative image based on his actions on Twitter. His real-world actions have done the same. 

Thomas was benched from a prime time matchup this past season for punching a teammate in practice. He missed eight other regular season games due to his ankle injury.

Duncan also stated that Thomas has not returned head coach Sean Payton’s calls since their playoff loss in January.

A recent report by Duncan states that Thomas and the team are mending their relationship. 

Thomas traveled with the team to Baltimore in their first preseason game and was on the sideline with his teammates. This comes in the wake of rumors that the 2019 Offensive Player of the Year was requesting a trade. 

Thomas is in year three of a five-year contract, which is worth $96 million with $60 million guaranteed. At the time, Thomas was the highest paid receiver in NFL history. 

With longtime quarterback Drew Brees retiring this offseason, Thomas is expected to a centerpiece in the offense. 

The Saints are already plagued with a lack of depth at his position. 

Along with other injuries, suspensions and retirements, the Saints are in for a rough season.