Prioritize safety, reinstate campus COVID protocols


We walk into our first class of the semester and no longer see notes of unavailability on every other desk. We sit near our group of friends and speak as if everything is back to normal. If we did not have masks on, we would not notice that we are living in a pandemic.

ULM is not putting forth the required amount of effort to slow the rapid spread of COVID. With the new Delta variant, it is important  to have precautions put into effect.

According to the CDC, “The Delta variant is more contagious than previous strains, and it may even cause more than 2x as many infections.” To ensure campus safety, ULM should reinstate previous safety protocols. 

The university has done away with six feet apart seating as well as one way traffic flow in hallways. Though the mask mandate is still intact and a vaccine mandate is in the works, this does not guarantee students’ safety. 

A student could contract COVID at ULM and spread the disease to those with weakened immune systems. Then those individuals could get so ill that their situation becomes fatal.

These protocols may seem excessive to some, but they are needed. Our concern must be with protecting the students and those with whom they might come into contact. We are living in a pandemic and we need act like it. The school website states that if you are not fully vaccinated to “keep taking all precautions until you are fully vaccinated.” 

Because the campus vaccine requirement is relatively new and many students are not vaccinated, the school should still have the necessary protocols in place like they did before. 

And according to the CDC, “Some people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will still get sick because no vaccines are 100% effective.” Even if you are vaccinated, you could still contract or spread the disease.

Another concern is that we do not know how effective these vaccines will be for newer strands of COVID. We are already familiar with the Delta variant, but newer and possibly more severe variants may arise. 

ULM has made a mistake by lessening safety protocols on campus. Students and faculty alike are hoping for the return to normal school operations, but disregarding important safety precautions is not the way to go about this. 

We do not want to risk causing another lockdown. We must put every effort forth to prevent the continuation of this pandemic.