CDC urges booster shot after vaccine


To get the vaccine or to not get the vaccine—That’s one of the biggest decisions people are facing today. 

Recently another important question has come up as well—Do I need booster shots for the COVID vaccine?

According to the CDC, they want to start issuing booster shots this upcoming fall. They said that eight months after your second dose of the initial vaccination is the best time to get the booster shot.

But why a booster shot? Did the original not work well enough?

The original dose did work. The booster formula is the exact same as the first doses of the vaccine. It just helps your immune system stay protected over time. 

There are no differences in the vaccines. But you should receive the same brand booster as your original vaccine. 

Getting booster shots is especially important for immunocompromised individuals due to the many variants. Booster shots will allow these individuals to continuously be protected, according to the CDC.      

Pre-pharmacy major Maddie Young studies topics like these in great detail. 

“I think that getting a COVID-19 booster shot is a fantastic idea, especially for those who are immunocompromised,” Young said. “Anything to keep people safe and healthy.”

Many want to get back to “normal” like everyone else but have a family to think about.

Jessica Brady, a clinical professor, has a preschooler and two school-aged children at home. 

“I want to do all that I can to protect them, and that means ensuring my own protection from infection,” Brady said. “I’ll be ready to receive my booster dose when it’s made available.”