One Sunset, Two People: It Is All About Perspective

I went to the park today because I got off work early. It was mid-afternoon with perfect weather. Summer was coming to an end although it wasn’t quite autumn yet. I made my way down to my favorite hidden spot at the park. It was a run-down, unused amphitheater. I made my way down the vine-separated, brick steps and to my surprise, there was already someone sitting in my secret spot. I didn’t mind the company though, as the woman seemed pleasant. Sitting near her, I attempted to make small talk but she seemed too fixated on her surroundings to engage into what I had to say. Then suddenly, the sky grabbed my attention. The sunset this specific evening was the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes upon. The colors were vibrant and captivating. There were bright reds and oranges, hues of deep blues and purples. The clouds accented the sun in ways I never knew possible. I don’t think I could ever be blessed to see anything this simple yet beautiful again. I’m glad the stranger accompanying me experienced this miraculous sunset as well.

Today I decided to spend some time alone at the park, but, of course it was a crowded place. Because of the crowd, I walked a little longer through some shrubbery and found this abandoned amphitheater. I decided it was a good spot to enjoy some halfway decent weather, so I sat. I was having an alright time, when an unusual girl came bursting out of nowhere. She sat a little too close to me for my liking. Then she tried to make small talk. However, I blew off her unnervingly happy questions until she finally shut it. That was when I noticed the horrible sight of the sunset. The sun was blazing down onto my skin and into my eyes. Moreso, the sky was the most nauseating, fiery shade of blood orange and yellow that I had ever witnessed. There were clouds in the sky but they did nothing in terms of providing shade. There was a red hue cast down from above that only made matters worse. I noticed that the strange girl was in awe of everything. What oblivion she must be living in, I thought to myself.