TRIO camp helps 1st generation freshmen transition into college

ULM Hawkeye

The TRIO program’s Student Support Services hosted its sixth annual WINGS College Transition Camp in August. 

The camp is an opportunity for first generation freshmen to successfully transition into college. 

The 16 students who participated went to Wild Country Safari in Delhi as a STEM learning activity.

The students learned about school, career and finances through workshops and activities. 

A session was also held for parents and family members to learn how to support the students during their college years.

Mystee Burrell, the co-associate director of the TRIO programs, said programs like this are important because while first-generation students are just as smart and as motivated as other students, they often lack the resources to succeed in school.

“These obstacles directly affect retention and graduation rates amongst first-generation students and demonstrate why college transition programs like the TRIO-SSS WINGS Camp are vital to their success,” Burrell said.