Discover unknown passions with these unique hobbies.


Abisha Dhakal, [email protected]


  1. Rock-climbing

Many of us may be familiar with rock climbing—an adventurous hobby commonly practiced by a lot of people around the world. In rock climbing, participants go up, down, or across a natural or artificial formation of rock. The goal of every participant is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a pre-defined route without falling. As exciting as this sounds, a lot of safety measures should be applied. If you are interested in reaching greater heights, check out Risen Rock Climbing gym, an indoor rock-climbing center located in Bossier, Louisiana. 

  1. Unusual pets

Some people have the hobby of keeping unusual pets —not dogs, cats and other household birds and rodents, but life-size animals possessing deadly abilities. Rabin Bhattarai, a freshman computer science major, has an uncle in Nepal who has a hobby of keeping snakes. It may look terrifying to most people, but he is in love with them.  

“It is normal for people to walk into our compound and see my uncle playing with his snakes,” Rabin says. 

To some people, keeping pets like snakes, tigers and even alligators may seem like a suicide mission, others develop deep connections and friendships with these animals. 

  1. Rock-painting

During the pandemic lockdown, a lot of people took up various kinds of hobbies. The most common was painting. Unlike traditional painting that is done on a conventional medium, rock painting involves showing off your artistic flair on rocks. To take on this hobby, you must research and try different rocks to see which ones have paintable surfaces and if the paints will stay on the rocks. One of the best paints and rocks to develop this hobby with is acrylic paint on River stones. Get creative and make some unique art with those vibrant colors and odd shapes. Do not forget to keep these rocks as animals could mistake the paintings for food. 

  1. Beatboxing

Some people have remarkably simple hobbies that they hone in their spare time, whereas others earn money by making their hobbies professional. We all know how fascinating beatboxing is. It seems impossible to make all those different bold sounds from the mouth. There are many popular beatboxers who are making their lives through beatboxing. Kevin Olusola is one of the most popular beatboxers and has performed with the popular band Pentatonix. There are basic lessons on this income-earning hobby on YouTube and you can even enroll in online professional classes like School of Beatbox