Student Short Story

Samir Gurung, [email protected]

I can successfully convince the worst skeptics that angels exist because I met her. Those glowing eyes and shy cheeks revealed both cuteness and innocence. It felt like God was sending me a hint of something—something romantic. Like a free flowing waterfall, compliments that I didn’t even know I could give flowed from my mouth. The series of compliments topped with the question was “Will you go on a date with me?” 

“I would love to,” she said. It was like a dream.

“Hey kid…!”

The next day, I went to pick her up and took her to a fine cafe. It was also my first time in this cafe, but I recommended dishes and talked as if I was a local. We had a seat and ordered some appetizers. 

Everything was going well except for my left hand, it suddenly felt very numb. But who cares when you are accompanied by a beautiful lady and conversation so smooth, it felt like a baby’s bottom. She was leaning in so closely she stole my breath almost as soon as I let it out. 

I told my life story—only the highlights obviously, cracked up some dumb jokes, which she loved. She also talked about herself, a sure sign, according to my dad, that a girl is into you. 


Ten years later, we have our baby boy who is now studying in grade five. He turns out to be as lazy as I was with studying. School starts at 9, my little boy wakes up at 8:30. His angelic mom dresses him up and makes him a tiffin box every day. 

One day, I got a call from my sons’ school. They said he sleeps in every class. At that moment, I broke out into the biggest smile. I realized he was really my son. The teacher said that they tried their best to wake him up.

“But this kid won’t wake up. Hey kid, WAKE UP!!!”

“Was I asleep this whole time?”

“Hell yeah, you’re late for school,” my dad yelled.

“It’s already 9? Hell no!!!” I ran to school with my left hand hanging like a dead weight.