Student plays relaunch on bayou with ‘The Glass Menagerie’

Sajan Thakuri, [email protected]

Student plays have finally returned to ULM after eight years. 

“The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams was the play that broke the wait.

“The Glass Menagerie” is a classic play of the 20th century that has been revived on Broadway five times.

The story takes place in Tom’s memories. Tom’s mother, Amanda, requests that Tom find a gentlemen caller for his disabled sister, Laura. Tom ends up introducing his co-worker, Jim, to his sister without knowing that Jim is engaged to be married to someone else. It’s full of emotion and complicated family dynamics.

Mark Clark, the director of the play, said the fact that the student performers prepared and memorized this hefty play in just five weeks is a testament to their dedication and talent.

“We had some budget cutbacks in the previous years,” Clark said. “Different programs were cut out and that resulted to eight years without plays.”

Gabriel Wright, senior health studies major, said that he loves acting and plays. 

“When I was approached for the role of Jim in the play, I knew I had to do it,” Wright said. “There was a short amount of time for the practice of the play, but the play went pretty well.”

Wright said the turnout for the show was great and that student support is important.

 “All we would need from the student body, or the audience, is to come and watch our plays,” Wright said. “That’s what encourages us.”

Preston Anderson, a junior vocal performance major, said he saw the play twice. He thought all the actors and the directors did a great job with the play.

“I didn’t hear about ‘The Glass Menagerie’ until this semester, I heard it from the director of this play who also happens to be directing the play I’m taking part in,” said Preston.

Priyanka Chaudhary, a freshman computer science major, said this was her first time seeing the play and she was glad that she watched it. 

“The lighting and clothing designs of the actors both contributed to the overall success of the show,” Chaudhary said. “The actors did a marvelous job, and I can only imagine the hard work the cast and crew members have put behind the show.”

Clark said they would like to do a student play every semester. He said they have more performance  brewing.

“There’s a musical play coming later this semester. In the next semester, we’re also going to do a musical ‘She Loves Me’,” Clark said.