Players fight for their lives in deadly game


Imagine you are in a playground-like room with 455 other players playing Red Light, Green Light—a children’s game where you run toward the finish line when the “It” player calls “Green Light” and pause when “Red Light” is called. Whoever moves after Red light has to go back to the starting point. 

You immediately freeze as soon as “red light” is called but the person in front of you wobbles a little trying to maintain their balance. Before you can blink, you feel a warm liquid splatter on your face and the person in front of you falls down with a hole through their head. Panic sets in. 

“Squid Game,” a Netflix original Korean drama, just wrapped up season one of its nine episode series last week. 

Sure, the idea of playing children games in a bid to win $38.5 million sounds insane, but what is the harm in trying, especially if you are really desperate and have nothing to lose? 

However, the players quickly realize that they are not only fighting for the money, they are also fighting to stay alive.

The ending of this series leaves you wondering if it is the situation that makes the person evil or if human beings naturally have a level of resident evil in them.

The entire show becomes a thrilling battle of resilience fueled by human greed and selfish instinct to survive no matter what. 

“Squid Game” features a lot of popular Korean actors like Gong Yoo, Lee Byung-hun and Park Hae-soo. 

The players compete in six deadly children’s games and the prize money increases as more people are eliminated. If the majority decide to stop the game, the family of the deceased each get $100,000 but the remaining players get nothing.

The series is named after the final game in the competition—the squid game. 

Watching this series will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you see how easily the players abandon all morals and deceive each other as they literally claw their way to their end.

You will find yourself bawling your eyes out when your favorite character is eliminated and pulling your hair out when a character makes a stupid move.