Panel helps students prepare for career fairs

Career fairs offer students many opportunities to find a job and network. It can be intimidating for students who have never attended.  Many students struggle to speak to employers, to research companies or to approach booths. 

The Career Center recognized these problems and designed Career Week to help students become successful employees.

The Career Fair Panel was one of the events of Career Week. This event gave students the opportunity to listen to different panelists, ask questions and gain a better understanding of what to do at career fairs.  

The panelists consisted of employers from different backgrounds and occupations. 

One of the panelists Rick Boone, a news director at KTVE, said the most important tip for students attending a career fair is to rehearse.

“Rehearse for how you’re going to make that first impression,” Boone said. “So, get a friend and rehearse before you [go].”

Another panelist, Erin Flecke, the talent acquisition manager at Enterprise, agreed with Boone but mentioned researching beforehand is extremely important.  

“The most important tip is to be prepared. Research the company and know what you’re talking about before you go up and talk to somebody,” Flecke said. 

The panelists suggested students start out by applying for unpaid internships, job shadowing and networking because this shows employers that the student is willing to learn. 

The third panelist Latetao Hutchinson, a branch manager at Chase, said everyone has to start somewhere, so when you start just be yourself. 

“The biggest thing is not being afraid to stand out,” Hutchinson said. “Be bold, walk up to employers and introduce yourself.”