Audience seduced to ‘Shore’s’ demonic melody

A gentle, haunting acoustic guitar begins the first track. It lures you in with its melody, but soon releases you into a hellish abyss of massive, brutal sound as Lorna Shore’s vocalist, Will Ramos, carves into you with his distinct, demonic screams. The vocals are then followed by the blasting beats of the group’s drummer, Austin Archey. 

From then, the beauty and brutality of Lorna Shore takes hold—an unrelenting experience that penetrates the mind, body and soul. 

With the commencement of the band’s recently released EP, “…And I Return to Nothingness,” in August 2021, Lorna Shore’s first track on the release, “To the Hellfire,” serves as an incredible example of blackened deathcore. 

Considering the impact of “…And I Return to Nothingness” on the metal community, it’s safe to say Lorna Shore is a solid example of the extreme metal subgenre, deathcore.

Performing and being featured on a multitude of platforms, they are pioneering deathcore today with the hellish screams and snarls that bellow from Ramos, and elements of symphonic noise. 

This New Jersey-based band is carrying the torch and opening up the pit. 

Lorna Shore’s live energy is unmatched. Both enthralling and terrifying, the four-piece band annihilates their sets with the combined talents of Ramos, Archey and guitarists Adam De Micco and Andrew O’Connor.

“These sets are not easy. It can even be exhausting, and Fvneral Moon is the hardest to play,” Ramos said.

Already having a musical background and having been part of other bands such as A Wake in Providence and Monument of a Memory, Ramos is no rookie. 

A Wake in Providence toured with Lorna Shore which eventually played a part in Ramos joining the group. 

Lorna Shore’s 18-minute EP, “…And I Return to Nothingness,” is full of emotion. 

“I would write things to help me cope with loss and consequentiality,” Ramos said. “I started writing about what makes the most sense to me—life, death, rebirth, all that.” 

They’ve been opening up many pits on their EP release tour supported by bands such as Crown Magnetar, Sentinels and Enterprise Earth. 

Concluding their North American run, the band plans to head to Europe to further perform “…And I Return to Nothingness,” as well as several older songs.

New music is currently in the works for Lorna Shore and is planned to be released in the next year, according to Ramos.