Grades should affect post-graduate job opportunities


When it comes to college admissions, job applications and future success, grades should be regarded as the most essential criteria. Excellent grades can open the very best doors available. 

You name it—Ivy League schools, top corporations, the possibilities are endless. And there’s nothing stopping you from going any further once you’ve opened the best door.

The importance of grades in college cannot be overstated. High school grades are crucial indicators for college admissions counselors in predicting future academic success. 

Graduate school and many highly selective firms also place a premium on college grades. 

Many students shrug off the importance of grades and live their lives by the “C’s get degrees” motto. And it’s true—C’s do get degrees. But they also make you average in the eyes of future schools and employers.

With a limited number of spaces available and hundreds of candidates, using grade criteria to determine who gets a chance would be a simple and effective process. 

Good grades indicate a willingness to study, which is one of many attributes sought by colleges and businesses.

While grades don’t necessarily determine your success in life, they do reflect the presence or absence of intelligence and work ethic. 

A research paper co-authored by Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman found that personality is one of the most important predictors of success. 

Grades capture personality traits like perseverance, diligence and self-discipline. These are three helpful traits that can lead to success.

Getting a solid education and good grades in school is a pretty safe method to boost your chances of becoming successful in our society. 

And yes, there are those who barely make it to graduation or drop out but then go on to have a great career. Sometimes breaking the mold is how entrepreneurs, innovators and people in the creative sectors succeed. 

However, having a reputable college degree can improve your chances of employment and can help you work up the ranks in your job hierarchy more quickly. 

According to Career Glider, even though it does depend on the company and the job you are doing, having a degree will always make you a more favorable candidate than someone who doesn’t.

Good grades lead to a reputable college degree which leads to a successful job.