Warhawks talk tunes to groove to on the bayou


“Right now, I am listening to rave music. It really pumps me up whenever I feel tired. I also listen to it when I wake up and am about to run. I just started listening to rave music though so I do not have a favorite musician. I usually pull up today’s top hits on Spotify to listen to rave. 

However, I also listen to other types of music. One of my favorite musicians is John Legend. I usually listen to the lyrics of songs and his lyrics are always about something he has been through. 

I also like Bruno Mars because his music makes me happy.”

“I feel like music hits differently while you’re driving so I mostly listen to music in the car. My favorite music app right now is Spotify because of the student discounts and the fact that it makes a personalized playlist based on what you listen to. 

Right now, I am really feeling alternative R&B music, it is very calming and soothing. 

My favorite artists are Brent Faiyaz and Frank Ocean. I think Frank Ocean’s “Orange” is a timeless album. Frank Ocean is great at telling stories and his music is very narrative. It puts these images in your head that you’re in his position.”

“I most commonly listen to folk music. It reminds me of the old country music I listened to with my grandparents when I was little. 

Plus, it does not seem as commercialized as a lot of new age country music seems, and I like the homey feel of it. 

I mostly use Pandora or YouTube to listen to music. 

I really like Colter Wall, he kind of veers a little bit into old country. I also really like Hozier. 

A lot of his music has folk elements, but he is usually considered alternative indie.”

“My favorite music really depends on my mood, what I am thinking and what I am doing throughout the entire day. 

Whenever I feel low, I relate more to kick-up music. Whenever I am feeling sad, I relate more to sad music. 

My favorite artists are Cardi B, The Weeknd and Post Malone. I do not really have one favorite artist. 

I mainly listen to music on Spotify and sometimes on YouTube Music.”

“I do not have a favorite genre but I listen to a lot of Afrobeat. If you want to get into the groove, Afrobeat is the way. Afrobeat is such a diverse genre and there is always something for everyone. Afrobeat is very unique because it goes beyond the lyrics of the songs, it is the actual beats and vibe that you get from the songs that keep you coming back for more. I will recommend people to look up Afrobeat playlists on Spotify. The playlists usually offer a wide variety of genres from different cultures.  If you do not like one song, you can listen to a whole different range of songs to find the one you connect to.”