Astroworld fatalities could have been easily avoided


Carley Nail, [email protected]

Thousands of people have been patiently waiting for hours, and the main event is about to start. SZA just completed her set. Travis Scott will take the stage at any minute. The excitement overflows as he walks out to perform.

But something feels off. Suddenly the crowd pushes toward the stage. It all happens so fast that many don’t comprehend what’s going on. People are screaming, injured people are dropping to the ground, and Scott is still on stage rapping.

This is a brief depiction of what happened at Astroworld Festival this year. The deaths that occurred at this event were preventable and Scott should be held responsible.

This concert became a nightmare for many when fans surged toward the stage trampling whoever was in their way.  This left many severely injured and nine dead. 

Astroworld is a music festival created by Scott that is held in Houston, Texas at NPR Park every year. 

According to CNN, this was the third annual festival. It was canceled last year due to COVID and this year’s event had over 50,000 attendees.

As people were screaming for help, Scott continued his show as if there weren’t people dying in front of him.  He refused to stop the performance.

There have been videos of the festival released on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. Many have also posted videos of other concerts where an attendee fainted or had a seizure and the artist performing stopped the show. These artists stopped the show to make sure that their fans were safe.

This is something Scott failed to do.

Because of his actions, it’s obvious that he did not care about a single person in that audience.  And now nine people are dead because of it.

All Scott had to do was acknowledge what was happening around him and stop the show.  

In an interview with the Washington Post, Cynthia Lira, a concert attendee, told the story of the event. She said it was a very traumatic near death experience for her.  After she hit the ground, Lira tried to push her body upward to the top of the crowd.  She screamed that she could not breathe even though she knew no one would hear her, the Washington Post reported. 

Some might say that Scott shouldn’t be held responsible because he might not have noticed the crowd of fans crying out for help.  It was a large event with many people.

But there is no way that Scott did not know what was happening. Scott is to blame for letting the show continue. 

According to USA Today, Scott will pay the funeral costs for the victims that passed at Astroworld. Although this is a step in the right direction, it is not enough. Scott should be arrested.

He chose to ignore his fans and now should have to face the consequences of his actions.