Two arrested after woman was shot in Madison Hall

ULM police arrested two men last Sunday for possession of a firearm on campus after one suspect shot a student in the Madison Hall dorm.

The suspects are Dallas Strawder, 18, of 16 Jana Dr., Monroe, and Jamonte Davis, 18, of 533 Lakeside Dr., Monroe.

Davis is a freshman business administration major who lives in the dorm room where the shooting occurred. Strawder is not a student.

According to the arrest report, officers were dispatched to a Madison Hall dorm room in reference to the discharge of a firearm.

The victim told officers she and Strawder were in the room when she asked him to put the handgun away. 

She said Strawder then took the magazine out of the gun and pulled the slide back, which was when the gun accidentally fired and hit her lower right leg. 

Officers made contact with Strawder at 3811 Desiard St. and placed him under arrest. Strawder told officers the gun belonged to the second arrestee, Davis, according to the arrest report.

Davis was also arrested at 3811 Desiard St. Before questioning, Davis admitted to possessing a handgun in his dorm room while another handgun negligently fired.

Davis also said he took the handgun to a different address before police questioning, according to the arrest report.

Both suspects were booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on the above charge. Strawder was also charged with negligent injuring.