Monroe caters to students


Lochan Acharya

College students have called Monroe home for 90 years. Due to this long history, Monroe has solidified itself as a good college town.

Some might say Monroe is a bad college town because of crime, public transportation and a lack of entertainment. 

However, one of the things a good college town should have is a safe community where people can live without any worries.    Monroe is regarded as one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S, according to statistics from the FBI.  

According to a study by Crime Grade, on average, a new crime happens every hour and thirty minutes in Monroe.

While this number is high, the area around the college is under the protection of the university’s police department, so the campus is much safer. 

We even have the ULM Safe App which allows emergency police calls and security escort service. 

Monroe also has places students can visit and relax their mind after a long day.

In Monroe, there are a lot of places we can visit like, the Downtown River Market and the Biedenharn Museum. 

Places like this add to the small-town vibe that Monroe gives off. ULM students are able to enjoy the    benefit of living in a large city with diversity, but also have a small town atmosphere that creates a sense of community.  

ULM also has a unique placement with Bayou Desiard flowing through the middle. This allows for students to have access to beautiful scenery while strolling through campus.

According to a study by the University College and Admissions Service, the environment plays a crucial role in student success, as it can decrease their stress and increase their ability to perceive information. 

ULM does a lot of community events, concerts and games so students can enjoy campus life. 

It is not unusual to hear about local bands or art exhibits being showcased downtown.

According to KNOE, Monroe mayor Friday Ellis also has plans to revitalize downtown Monroe to add a marina and a historic district to make it more safe.

These additions will allow Monroe to gain a better reputation and allow more people to call the city home. 

Monroe has a fun environment, nice local business and cultural and social diversity which makes everyone feel welcomed and embraced by the residents of the community.