Sweat and Soothe energizes students

Uchechi Owunna

After Asja Jordan taught a community yoga class at a local tea shop, the idea to begin a fitness class on campus was born. She started brainstorming ways to teach yoga but in a more relaxed way.

Jordan, Miss ULM 2022, has opened up a class called Sweat and Soothe to the ULM community.

 “As Miss ULM and as an individual who believes fitness has the power to change our lives, because that’s what it has done for me, I want to make an impact on the university in whatever way, shape, or fashion,” Jordan said.

Jordan’s platform as Miss ULM is called Potential to Kinetic. It focuses on mental, physical and community health. She channels her experience as a yoga instructor and personal trainer to help promote fitness and health in her community.

Samantha Pencil, a senior mathematics education major, found out about the event on Instagram through ULM’s Recreational Services page. 

“I like that Miss ULM is hosting a fitness event because it is a positive way for Miss ULM to help students feel welcomed and show that you can work out while also juggling other things,” Pencil said. “I will be attending the event in the future.” 

Jordan said she’s an advocate for physical fitness, mental health and personal growth. 

“This class specifically ties into my role as Miss ULM because it gives me a way to provide a fun opportunity for students to get in shape and get more flexible,” Jordan said.

As students laid down their yoga mats, they started the first part of the class—core exercise.

 Then, they moved on to high-intensity interval training and cooled down with yoga.  This intertwined the energy of a hype workout and the calming energy of mediation and yoga.

Even though only nine people attended the class, Jordan was satisfied with the turnout and expects more people to show up for future classes.

“We had so much fun and the participants all put in good work,” Jordan said. “It was really exciting seeing everybody work hard, to feel the energy in the room with everybody struggling together and also getting better together.” 

Sweat and Soothe will be hosted by Asja Jordan every Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Activity Center.