Off-campus RSO revamps for students

Maggie Eubanks

College is a place to find your people, whether that be in a sports team, a club or an RSO. North Monroe College Ministry is revamping their look with a new pastor to invite students to find their place at church. 

North Monroe College Ministry named Chris Craighead as its new pastor in December of last year. He came to Monroe ready to minister to college students and give North Monroe a new look. 

“We want to be your home away from home. Our church family at North Monroe loves college students,” Craighead said. “I am wanting to bring new energy and life to the college ministry.”

Students that attend North Monroe said they are enjoying the changes that Craighead is making. 

Junior psychology major Cai Bordelon said he believes these changes will be positive for both the campus and the college ministry. 

“I believe that this has brought a new energy to the ministry, and we’ll begin to see growth in the Christian community,” Bordelon said. 

Under Craighead’s leadership, North Monroe College Ministry is moving to a more open and welcoming environment. 

Freshman social work major Mackenzie Washington loves how Craighead makes an effort with every student that walks through the door. 

“You can tell he cares deeply for others and that he delights in serving the Lord and being a college pastor,” Washington said. “I think God knew that we needed him.”

Students searching for somewhere to call home should check out this new and revitalized ministry. 

From good conversations to an interesting game called Jungle Pong, there is something for everyone. The ministry offers a look that is rarely seen on college campuses.

North Monroe College Ministry meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m. at North Monroe Baptist Church. Craighead wants new people interested in the ministry and wants everyone to know they can come as they are. 

“Do not think you have to change anything about yourself to attend our events,” Craighead said. “We love new faces and would love to get you plugged into our college ministry family.”