Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your gals


Maggie Eubanks

Red hearts, chocolates and romantic comedies that make you cringe are all a part of the holiday of love—Valentine’s Day. 

Now, I know some people think Valentine’s Day is a holiday that just gives those in relationships an excuse to flaunt their love. But I think Valentine’s Day is just a holiday to show your love, whether you are in a relationship or not. 

I am single, but I still enjoy seeing all the stuffed animals and chocolates. Instead of being sad or down that I don’t have a partner to celebrate with, I take the holiday as my own and celebrate with my friends on a holiday appropriately named Galentine’s Day.

According to National Today, Galentine’s Day began after a “Parks and Recreation” episode celebrated the holiday in 2010. Since then, Galentine’s Day has been celebrated by over 2/3 of women every year. 

Valentine’s Day is not just about couples— it is about celebrating love, whether that be with your significant other or your best friend. 

Love is what connects us all. And in a society that seems to focus only on the parts that separate us, a day to focus on why we love each other is something everyone needs. 

For those in a relationship, you do not have to exclude your significant other. I understand he or she deserves a little love too. But that does not mean you have to forget about all your single friends. 

According to Cosmopolitan, many people celebrate Galentine’s Day on Feb. 13 so that Valentine’s Day can be reserved for their significant other. 

But if you are in a relationship and you refuse to celebrate with your single friends on Galentine’s Day, then I hope your boyfriend breaks up with you.

But if you are not in a relationship, what is stopping you from celebrating on Feb. 14? Galentine’s is like the ultimate protest of societal norms, but with Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” playing in the background. What could be better than that?

Buy your best friend a teddy bear and some chocolate. Go see that bad rom-com with J-LO, throw popcorn at couples and celebrate your friendship. 

After all, Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love, and no one says that should be reserved just for couples.