Confederate monuments should stay

Lochan Acharya

Although the Civil War happened almost 200 years ago, many cities across the South still honor Confederate war heroes through monuments. Removing these statues and monuments has been an ongoing process as the Confederates stood for the disunion of the United States, treason, racism and slavery. 

These monuments should not be seen as tributes to slavery or any Confederate cause, but to memorialize great men and fallen soldiers who were faithful to their home state. 

According to NPR, over 100 Confederate monuments were removed in 2020 alone. These should not be taken down but rather a reminder of the past for future generations. We see the past through the lens of today, and no historical figure can pass this test. 

If the past is removed, maybe we need to take down the Washington Monument as George Washington was also engaged in slavery. Many other historical figures had some connection or were involved in slavery, treason, oppression or racism, which was the main reason to remove the Confederate monuments.  

According to CNN, the Alabama legislative committee has passed two bills to protect Confederate monuments and criminalize people who attempt to remove them. Along with Alabama, five other states have preservation laws to protect the monuments. These bills represent a movement to preserve these monuments. 

Taking down the monuments has been ongoing, and many monuments are put in a museum or thrown away. If the monuments are taken down, they should be kept in a museum instead of thrown away as it will serve as a reminder that the past should not be repeated. We should put them alongside other monuments to celebrate the elimination of slavery.