‘Marry Me’ offers nothing new to rom-coms


Carley Nail

Couples and friends worldwide are looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some may celebrate on dates and others by having a girl’s night.

Either way, there is one thing that has become a staple in almost everyone’s Valentine’s Day— romantic comedies.  

“Marry Me” is a new romantic comedy released in time for Valentine’s Day on Feb.11.  The movie stars Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson as the main characters, Kat Valdez and Charlie Gilbert.

Lopez acts as a major music artist who will soon marry the love of her life in front of millions of people. At the last moment, she finds out her fiancé cheated.  

Then, Valdez impulsively marries a stranger in the crowd who came to watch her wedding.  

“Marry Me” tells the story of how two different people with opposite lifestyles come together in a sudden moment to intertwine their lives forever.

The movie also focuses on social media. Valdez uses social media for many aspects of her life, while Gilbert still uses a flip phone.

In scenes revolving around Valdez’s social media or fans, the filmmakers are trying too hard to make the movie fit in with the modern-day crowd as if this generation is only worried about social media and how many followers they have.

The film focuses on fitting in with the younger generations so much that it seems forced and out of place.

The film has a few details and scenes that differ from other romantic comedies, but it still has the plot of every other romantic comedy— a successful gorgeous woman somehow falls in love with an average goofy-looking man.

When it comes to romantic comedies, “Marry Me” is basic. Whether you love or hate them, everyone has seen romantic comedies. And this one does not stick out to me.

If you are looking for a movie that has all the markers of a cheesy rom-com, this one might be right up your alley.  But if you are looking for something new and unexpected, “Marry Me” probably isn’t what you are looking for.

Take your girlfriend to see “Uncharted” instead. You can never go wrong with Tom Holland.