Marriage should be valued

Maggie Eubanks

Marriage is a scary concept for most college kids. The thought of moving from dorm rooms and late-night studying to spending the rest of your life with someone is enough for many to avoid the subject altogether. 

But marriage is something that needs to be more valued in our generation. Don’t misunderstand me. I am definitely not rushing anyone into anything. Marriage is a heavy commitment that should only be done after it has been fully thought through. 

But marriage is something that everyone in a relationship should strive for. 

According to Harvard University, marriage not only provides several financial and mental benefits, but it also benefits your overall physical health. 

Many religions value marriage, but it should be valued throughout all aspects of culture. 

According to NPR, marriage causes relationships to be more stable and allows kids to grow up in a more stable home. 

I know what people say. Marriage isn’t necessary and most of them end in divorce anyway. But why not try? Marriage can be a beautiful thing when done right. Even in failed marriages, many people report holding happy memories of the time they were together and fell in love, according to Psychology Today. 

Legally binding your life to one person for the rest of your life can seem like an unnecessary commitment, but it is a ceremony and agreement to love that has been lost in our generation. 

I know that college students have enough on their plate and do not have time to think about marriage. And that’s okay. But when the time comes, with the right person, consider marriage. 

Think about the effects that it can have on your life and your possible children. Even if you don’t have kids, marriage can provide stability throughout the rest of your life that may not be there without it. 

Marriage is an amazing thing, and its values need to be more appreciated.