Cheer team competes at Nationals in Orlando

Chloe Chapel

If three words could describe the ULM Cheer team, they would be unified, loving and motivated, according to ULM Cheer coach Sammi Spivey. 

These are the traits that allow the team to thrive at Nationals each year.

Every January, the Universal Cheerleading Association College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship takes place in Orlando, Florida. 

In 2020, the ULM team placed first in Game Day as the top-scoring team in the USA, and in 2021 they placed third in Game Day. 

Spivey said that even though it was challenging to go back to Nationals again this year, they have been prepared for months. 

“We have made astounding progress this year. ULM Cheer is humble but well ahead of the game, as this is a challenge we have been preparing for all year,” Spivey said. 

With the support of Vice President Valerie Fields and President Ronald Berry, the team headed to Orlando. 

“We are excited to provide opportunities to demonstrate unlimited lenses—and level up for competition,” Fields said.

On Friday, the team competed in the Game Day competition. 

Despite their best efforts, they finished in 10th place with 2.75 deductions. 

Kamiron May, a co-captain of the team, said she agrees with Spivey—the team’s trust and support make them stand out. However, their inexperience and youthfulness were their downfalls. 

“We have to be our biggest cheerleaders because we don’t receive the same support other athletic teams do,” May said. “[However], with only a small handful of returning vets, many freshmen have never experienced the atmosphere of college nationals, and it’s intimidating to be surrounded by the best of the best.” 

While the team hoped to perform better, May is proud of the team’s work and is grateful to be on the team and for everything Coach Sammi has taught her. 

“To my Coach Sammi, we started out this journey together side by side on the mat as freshmen,” May said. “You have been the best role model to myself along with the other girls […], and I am happy to see that the program is turning in the right direction.”