ULM Dining welcomes students with karaoke

Maggie Eubanks

It is the first week back to school, and it’s your typical Tuesday night. You sit down to eat with your friends, but then the lights turn off and the cafe staff starts handing out glowsticks. You wonder what’s going on, but then you are handed a mic, and you know. It’s karaoke night at the cafe. 

This scene was the reality of Schulze last Tuesday. As students gathered to eat dinner, they were surprised with a back-to-school karaoke night. Many students enjoyed this change of pace. 

Sophomore speech-language pathology major Kensley Wrobel said, “Events like this are important because it gives students something to do besides schoolwork.” 

Even though it was the first week of class, the ULM dining staff was already looking for ways to make students feel more welcome and entertained.

All students were welcome to come and sing their song of choice. Some crowd favorites were “Ice Ice Baby,” “Life is a Highway,” and “How You Remind Me.” 

The ULM dining staff partnered with on-campus organizations to encourage students to eat at the cafe. 

This event was new for many students. Normally, the cafe is a place to come, grab your food and go. But karaoke night offered a new side to Schulze that encouraged many students to stay and enjoy the show.

In the face of the COVID pandemic, many students have opted to use the to-go option offered. But the staff at ULM is ready to engage more with students, and events like this are just the beginning. 

With the Omicron variant surging around the country, students are excited to interact with each other through events like these. 

Sophomore atmospheric science major Isaiah Montgomery said, “It was awesome to see people get together and have fun since COVID has made having events so difficult.” 

Some students, like junior radiologic technology major Kenzie Allen, found this event beneficial to those that struggle to meet friends or to come out of their comfort zone. 

“Events like this are important to let people get out of their comfort zone and talk to or meet new people,” Allen said. 

The karaoke night brought people together and allowed new groups to connect. There was a new environment from the usual lull that the cafe has. 

“The event made the cafe more interesting to be in, like dinner and a show,” Allen said. 

Karaoke was a great way to start the new semester with a bang. Students are excited and craving more on-campus events, and this exciting event in the cafe made for one rocking Tuesday night.