‘Hype House’ fails expectations


Carley Nail

TikTok’s most popular influencers all being filmed living under the same roof brings drama, creativity and humor. One might naturally think that this holds the potential to become a great Netflix series. But unfortunately, “Hype House” did not live up to the hype.

While the Hype House is a group of popular TikTokers who make content together, they seem scattered. It’s like a modern-day Team 10, another group of social influencers, minus the brother beef and superb rap battles. 

I watched all eight episodes of “Hype House,” and I still am unclear about who is in the Hype House. According to the ending credits of the series, the Hype House has 21 members. I can only name nine. 

Only half of the “Hype House” cast is consistently mentioned throughout the series. The other half of the members are only seen for a few minutes and aren’t clearly introduced. 

Although “Hype House” has many critiques, there were several aspects that this Netflix series did well. 

For example, the Hype House includes diversity among its members. Nikita Dragun is a transgender woman, and Larray Merritt is a person of color who also belongs to the LGBTQ community. These members get as much if not more screen time than most others in the Hype House where they can speak out about situations that relate to their lives and struggles.

The members within the Hype House come from all different kinds of backgrounds, and the series shows this well. Many members explain their childhoods and open up about personal obstacles. I enjoyed seeing a more in-depth version of these influencers.

The cinematography was well done, but at some points, certain shots and camera angles seem unnecessary or awkward. Each episode has an average of five subtitle screens to separate every new topic and event. Also, there’s at least a minute of transition footage each episode. These aspects contribute to the episodes not flowing together well. 

“Hype House” receives 2/5 stars for its balance of positives and negatives. The series has some excellent features, but the critiques slightly outweigh those assets.