School closures affect students’ schedules

ULM Hawkeye

The University of Louisiana at Monroe canceled classes on Feb. 4, 5 and 9 due to deteriorating weather conditions.

Classes were canceled late in the afternoon after most stu­dents had already attended their early morning classes. The clos­ing of the university only affect­ed late classes and labs.

Although, the university did what they felt was best for stu­dents and faculty. Some thought canceling classes was a waste.

“I am very upset about classes being canceled,” said Sharon Helverson, junior mass commu­nications major from Haugh­ton.

“The weather wasn’t that bad and roads weren’t icy.”

Haughton said that canceling classes only piled up more work on an already heavy course load.

While some students fear that the snow day will hurt them academically, others were con­cerned with the idea that they would possibly be stuck at the university.

Instructors plan to follow their syllabus as closely as pos­sible making minor adjust­ments to make up for the classes missed.

Kederick Wilson, a senior from Arcadia, said he isn’t both­ered by the extra coursework that may possibly come along.

“I felt the university did the best they could by canceling classes and closing the univer­sity. It was the most effective thing to do, especially for the safety of commuters like myself who drive from Ruston,” Wil­son said.