NAACP coaches students through acing their exams

Maggie Eubanks

Midterms week has soared in on the bayou. Students are stressing and spending all their hours in the library. 

The NAACP wanted to help students get through midterms by teaching them tips and tricks to do well on their exams. 

The event called “ACE the Exam” gave students new study tactics and eased everyone’s anxieties about their upcoming tests. 

La’Chele Green, the NAACP president, said they wanted to put this event on to help students know they are not alone during midterms and to give everyone advice on how to get through the week. 

“We wanted to help students gain knowledge taking exams, and learn new ways to study for exams,” Green said. “Due to midterms coming up we wanted them to be prepared.”

Chailiah May, a junior pre-pharmacy major, said this event was really important because many students struggle to find a study method that works for them. 

“A lot of people don’t really know how to study, or they’re just too shy to ask for help,” May said.

She led the event and gave students who are worried about their midterms advice to not stress and to take it slow. 

“The earlier you start the better off you’ll feel. Don’t let the anxiety of having to study stop you from studying,” May said.

Sarah Russ, a senior toxicology major, said she attended because even though she is a senior, she still “struggles with how to study.” 

NAACP suggested to students to change environments while studying, take breaks when studying for long periods and most importantly find what works for you.

Green ended the event by encouraging all of the students, saying that they will get through the week.

 “Study and take your time. You got it at the end of the day,” Green said.