The cookies just aren’t crumblin’

Beau Benoit

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who has never heard of Girl Scout Cookies. 

The household name has penetrated every corner of every pantry in many American homes. But are they popular because of quality, or is it simply the sheer quantity of boxes sold? 

According to Fox Business, roughly 200 million boxes of Girl Scout Cookies are sold annually. But Girl Scout Cookies are the pop radio of sweets. They’re sustainable, but never quite satisfying and slightly annoying. 

To clarify, the organization is not in any way obnoxious. The business model and product is outdated.

Today’s flavors have not changed much. Since the mid 20th century, people have been able to enjoy classics like Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Sandwiches (Do-si-dos), and Shortbread cookies (Trefoils). Between their conception and now, no new flavors have endured the same amount of time as the three previous behemoths, except the Caramel deLites/Samoas.

The lack of innovation is stalling the relevancy of Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scouts have tried adding caramel or coconut, but the small change can only go so far, and after the low fat and health conscious craze of the late 20th century, the current trend is to simply opt for a healthy alternative rather than a lifeless shell of a cookie.

The Girl Scouts should run a poll to see what type of cookie would be most popular to create next, and have it named by the consumers in a contest. 

Imagine the delight of not only suggesting the next big flavor but also having your name immortalized on a box of cookies.

Something dangerous to every food business is the dreaded knock-off brand. 

What could be more damaging than an imposter product occupying your shelf space, or even worse, being the favored brand? 

Infamously, the debate between animal-shaped cheese crackers, Whales and Goldfish, has broken friendships. Girl Scout Cookies had the same fate, and every day of the year store shelves are stocked with similar cookies and treats that rival the real deal.

Let’s face it, Girl Scout Cookies are not going anywhere. They’re a staple in our culture, and the organization grows to this day. 

Sure the innovation is lacking and the flavors are stuck in the decade they were invented, but with a loyal fanbase that keeps coming back, it’s certainly possible we will never see how this cookie crumbles.