ULM must do more for women’s history

Carley Nail

March is not only a time for spring weather and looking for leprechauns. It is also a time for women to be spotlighted and celebrated as more than mothers and wives. Women’s History Month celebrates women and the accomplishments they have made throughout history.

ULM has shown their support in a few different ways, but there could have been some more acknowledgement about women’s history.

ULM recently hosted their annual Women’s Symposium where many panelists spoke about women and their experiences. There were nine different panels where the speakers talked about how they show womanhood in their field of study.

This was a great event for students and the public to learn more about women and the trials they face.

On International Women’s Day, ULM’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion invited faculty and staff to an event called “Coffee and Chat” to celebrate.

But there was nothing held for the students. While events like this are important and should be continued, hosting an event like this for students is something I would like to see.

ULM has also given a spotlight post dedicated to Liz Pierre on their social media. This is a great effort to shed light on empowering women.

But this was posted on March 17. At this point, the month is almost over.  

The university should spotlight a different woman in ULM’s history every week of the month in March by posting them and telling of their accomplishments. Although this won’t be able to happen this year, this is an idea that could be used next year.

Spotlighting different women constantly shows dedication and continual support. 

ULM can be applauded for many of their events hosted for Women’s History Month, but there is still room to grow.