Students urge ULM to speak up

Maggie Eubanks

The conflict in Ukraine is still going on and shows no signs of slowing down. While those in Ukraine are facing the most hardship, there are students here at ULM who need help.

As of March 19, ULM has made no official statement about the war in Ukraine. 

While it might not seem like much, an official statement of support from the university could go a long way for Ukrainian students. 

Last week, the Hawkeye printed a letter to the editor from a Ukrainian student. She mentioned that the best way to support Ukraine is to speak out against Russia, attend protests and donate to organizations in Ukraine. 

While students can do this themselves, if the university were to take an official stance and show students how to do this, ULM would be able to make more of an impact. 

I understand that ULM has to be careful. Russian students also go here. 

But I do not see this conflict as Ukrainian people vs. Russian people. This conflict is the Russian government vs. the world. 

According to CNN, there have been protests around the world, including Russia, to speak out against the war. 

It is time that ULM joins the conversation. 

The university should hold talks and panels for students to voice their opinions and concerns. They should offer assistance to international students who have felt financial and emotional burdens due to the conflict. 

RSOs should come together to organize a walk or a protest to support Ukraine. 

We cannot allow our international students to feel isolated. We have to help them through this time the only way we can. 

While ULM cannot call off the airstrikes in Ukraine or send President Berry to the frontlines, there are ways to help and it is past time that the university make a statement and help students who are directly involved in the war in Ukraine.