Men must play larger role in birth control

Kassidy Taylor

When most people think of birth control, they think of the pill, which uses hormones to stop ovulation. Women commonly hold the bulk of the responsibility when it comes to birth control compared to that of men. Women cannot get pregnant alone, yet they are expected to prevent pregnancy alone. 

People these days have begun to consider sex as more of a casual thing. With this “hookup culture” being more prevalent than ever, it is crucial that the responsibility of birth control be pressed more upon men. 

According to Planned Parenthood, there are 12 types of birth control. Women have nine forms of birth control while men only have three. 

Male contraception is not hormonal or long-acting reversible contraception. This means that when men do decide to undergo some form of birth control, it is permanent and comes along with little to no side effects.

Hormonal birth control can have negative side effects for women such as weight gain, headaches, sore breasts, irregular periods, mood changes, decreased sexual desire, acne and nausea, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. 

Because women currently hold more responsibility when it comes to birth control, they are often burdened with health and financial side effects. 

And women are often left feeling worried and alone when it comes to the possibility of unplanned pregnancy and how to handle such a situation. 

Because men are not offered as many contraception options as women, they are not as conscious of it. In a way, they don’t care as much. 

It has never been something men have had to worry about because most of it is up to the woman to handle. 

Women should not still be experiencing injustice concerning contraception.

If it takes two to create a child, two should have to deal with the precautions and the consequences. 

There needs to be more awareness spread to males regarding the practice of safe sex and equal responsibility among those involved. Men need to be more educated about the forms of male birth control available to them. 

In addition, studies need to be done to develop more options for men in the future.

In 2022, there is so much research being done on the topic of birth control. It is time that men are held to the same level of responsibility as women in preventing pregnancy.