Prices are rising, so should minimum wage

Kylie Cichocki

Louisiana is one of five states without a state mandated minimum wage. What this means is Louisiana workers are stuck with the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. This wage has not been raised since 2008 and so much has changed in our economy within the past 14 years. It is estimated that the cost of living has risen by 27% according to the Louisiana Budget Project. 

Sadly, there is no hope of it being raised in 2022 according to an article by Merdith Galante, an employer with the Square app. In 2018 and 2019, two bills that tried to raise the minimum wage were shut down by displeased businesses. 

But if businesses don’t want to spend more money on paying their employees, that could lead to unhappy workers and the possibility of them quitting.

 In 2021, Senate Bill 7 was suggested. This bill proposes steadily raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour through 2026. This bill hasn’t moved much further than a simple proposition. 

Minimum wage in Louisiana should be raised. The cost of everyday items and necessities have steadily increased over the past 14 years. Adults rely solely on their income to get necessities, pay rent, raise children and much more. 

But Louisiana’s minimum wage can only provide the basics and even then, one must be mindful about their spending. This allows no cushion for accidents to happen and no extra money to be put into savings.

Raising the minimum wage could also help stimulate the economy and lower the poverty line. Overall the quality of life would rise significantly and help many people go from barely getting by to living a comfortable life. Having more income would help the next generation to do better than the one before it and contribute to society.

To keep an average job and a comfortable life, the minimum wage should be raised.