‘Tailgating’ into dorms is prohibited

ULM Hawkeye

Campus housing is a conve­nient and stimulating option for ULM students. There is one inconvenience that every stu­dent seems to deal with at some point: the ID Access is for resi­dents only.

Many residents find it an­noying to have to let someone in the gate and no one is eager to wait around for their friend. Ironically, they always show up right as someone else is walking up with an ID.

Residential Life, however, strictly prohibits allowing gate entry to unknown persons, which they call tailgating.

Josh Albritton, a senior po­litical science major of Farmer­ville, likes the ID system.

“It does make me feel safer because I know that no random psycho will be stalking the halls outside my door,” Albritton said.

“The ultimate concern is for the safety of our students. So preventing one crime from hap­pening would make the locks worth it,” says Amber Atkins, a sophomore marketing major from Monroe.

Absent of any real way to enforce the rule against letting strangers in, Residential Assis­tants (RA) are at a loss.

“Nothing’s perfect,” con­cludes Albritton, “but at least it’s something rather that noth­ing.”

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