How to write a great resume

ULM Hawkeye

A few tips to help you go a long way

With graduation coming up soon, being able to have, a knock-out resume is looming on a lot of students minds.

Alberta Green, Associate Director of Career Con­nections, gives students a few tips on how to stand out amongst the crowd.

“Put yourself in the employer’s shoes,” said Green.

Students’ resumes need to be clear and concise to their potential employers. Students need to think about what are their most impressive qualities, and make them the most visible.

Some good tips to follow would be to make one’s name the most visible thing on the resume. It should be in Times New Roman and in 12 font.

“It doesn’t need to retain any fluff or perfume,” said Green.

No fluff, meaning no sentences, or telling the employ­er any personal information, such as marital status or hobbies. Full sentences are never to be used, just clear and concise phrases that give the potential employer a clear picture of their applicant.

Students also need to make sure that their contact information (e-mail and cell phone) are professional. Don’t have ring back tones that will leave the employer with a bad impression.

For further and more in-depth information about how to improve one’s resume visit­connections, and then click on the “Tips, Resources, and Attire” link. The link will give students a template for a perfect resume.

“It normally takes two weeks to have a resume be pro­fessionally written, at Career Connections we’ll do it for free,” said Green.

The next resume workshop is going to be held Tues­day, Mar. 22.

Ann Smith, Director of Academic Internships, ex­presses her dedication in Career Connections.

“We see students daily, and we help them find part-time jobs, student work jobs, and internships. We are dedicated to seeing every student succeed.”

If students want further help in succeeding in their careers, Career Connections is open every week day, or if students prefer to make an appointment, they can call 318-342-5338.