Jackson is great nominee for court

Mitchell Raley

President Joe Biden has moved to replace Justice Stephen Breyer with someone who has the same passion for the law and a different perspective. And I like the choice he made.  

The way the Supreme Court is now structured, conservatives have control in the court with a 5-4 advantage. 

This means they have the deciding vote on what laws and cases will have a constitutional impact. It is more important than ever that Biden’s replacement be a voice for the people.

Biden’s replacement for Breyer is Ketanji Brown Jackson. She was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Miami, Florida. 

According to the White House’s official nomination, Jackson’s parents attended segregated elementary schools followed by enrollment into historical black colleges and finished their careers as a teacher and lawyer. 

Jackson is beyond qualified for the Supreme Court. She graduated from Harvard Law School with cum laude honors and was the editor of Harvard Law Review. 

Having two former nominations by President Barack Obama, one for the U.S. Sentencing Commission and one for the U.S. District Court, Jackson has more than enough experience and education to perform the duties of a Supreme Court Justice well. But theses qualifications are not the only reason why she should be selected for the position.

Before Jackson jumped into the world of being a judge, she started her career as a public defender. This sets her apart from the other justices as they all started their careers as prosecutors. 

Instead of prosecuting someone for a crime they might or might not have committed, she fought for the powerless. 

Jackson’s beginning as a public defender shows that she might side with the citizens far more often than her counterparts. She could sway the power of Supreme Court in the people’s favor.