Students paint flowers to honor women’s history

Calli Sinclair

When we think of beautiful things, we often think

of flowers—roses, tulips, poppies and more. The

flower that is considered one of the most beautiful

on Earth, the lotus flower, has a unique life cycle

unlike any other.

Only capable of blooming from mud, it emerges

itself in pond water at night and resurfaces in

the morning to bathe in sunlight. Many Eastern

cultures view the lotus as a symbol of strength and


Because of its symbolism, the lotus flower was

painted on canvases Wednesday to commemorate

Women’s History Month.

Hosted by the Cultural Diversity Council and

Hawk-Art “therapy, the event allowed students,

faculty, staff and the community to honor women

by painting pink lotuses.

Despite the rough weather, the CDC and Student

Affairs Liaison, Pamela Jackson, were pleased with

the turnout.

Jackson believes ULM should have a place for

creativity to bloom and that these events serve as

perfect opportunities.

Diamond Green, president of the CDC, believes

the event was a great opportunity to celebrate

Women’s History Month, especially women at

ULM. Valerie Fields, for example, was present

at the event and has made history as ULM’s first

female vice president.

“This was the first time the Cultural Diversity

Council partnered up with Hawk-Art Therapy to

host an event, and we plan to make this annual,”

Green said.

Latricia Simmons, the administrative coordinator

for the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,

feels strongly that Hawk-Art “therapy is important

because it allows the painter to destress in a

healthy way.

“It’s positive and promotes inclusivity,” Simmons

said. “ Cultural Diversity Council did a great job

with this event, and there should be more events

like this in the future.”

Erick Burton, the founding president and current

advisor of the CDC, thinks the lotus is a perfect

symbol for Women’s History Month.

“Women’s History Month is important to me

because my grandmother is one of the strongest

people I’ve known,” Burton said. “She raised me

and showed me women can handle anything.

Women are needed. They are very important to this

world and are leaders.”

The CDC and Hawk-Art “therapy will host another

painting session on April 6 at 5:30 p.m. at the