‘Morbius’ leaves audience questioning

‘Morbius’ leaves audience questioning

Carley Nail

The concept of good versus evil has always been a

key part of superhero films. But what happens when

the line dividing good and evil is blurred?

Michael Morbius is a doctor who has dedicated

his life to “finding the cure to a rare blood disease

that plagues his life. He will do whatever it takes.

But his research takes a turn for the worse when an

experiment gets out of hand and changes his life


“Morbius” makes the audience think about their

own definitions of “hero” and “villain.” It makes

one think of their own ethics. How far can a good

person go before they are deemed evil?

It isn’t clear if Morbius is a good guy or not,

which is very interesting and adds an element of


When watching “Morbius” you have to connect

the dots within the plot yourself. You have to think

in order to understand what is happening. So if you

are looking for an easygoing movie that’s relaxing,

this is not the film for you.

Some things are not clearly stated and have the

potential to confuse the audience. There were a few

holes within the plot that I wish had been explained

in detail.

But the film excelled in some aspects. The

cinematography is fantastic and provides an eerie

atmosphere without making the film itself dark.

The witty humor scattered throughout the film

works well. Jared Leto’s acting as Morbius is great,

but it’s overshadowed by other areas in the film that

could be improved.

My main critique with “Morbius” is that by the

time the movie ended I didn’t feel like the main

issues were resolved. Morbius still has to live with

the effects of his experiments and hasn’t learned to

control himself completely.

The plot was well developed but left me wanting

more. The storyline should have continued to give

clarity to the audience.

“Morbius” offers a different perspective to hero

based films, but the ending should have had a

stronger finish that resolved conflicts more clearly.