Drop alcohol-free title on campus

Olivia Jeansonne

ULM promotes itself as an alcohol-free campus, yet they sell alcoholic beverages on campus at sporting events and events with a cash bar. 

The issue here is that selling alcohol at any event defeats the purpose and negates the “alcohol-free” title when you are promoting yourself as such. 

Students, regardless of the event or circumstances, should be allowed to purchase and store alcohol on campus as long as they are of legal age to do so.  

This way, students could enjoy the benefits of their age in a safe and monitored environment, such as a well-kept campus where they can be safely assisted if needed. 

In regard to younger students, teenagers are very commonly exposed to alcohol before they even reach a college campus. This means that they’re mature enough to handle themselves around the older students who can purchase alcohol. 

ULM should not be an alcohol-free campus because it impedes on the freedom of the students who can legally enjoy alcoholic drinks and shelters the underage students who cannot. Although these students are under the legal age to consume alcohol, they are legal adults who should abide by the law. 

The campus police can also monitor the sale of all drinks sold to students on campus, and RAs can monitor the storing of alcohol in each building and room. Just as there are consequences for breaking policies for students already set in place, there should also be consequences for those who store and purchase alcoholic beverages underage. 

At the very least, ULM should be consistent. If they’re going to keep the alcohol-free policy, they shouldn’t let any alcohol be sold or consumed on campus no matter the event or the age of the patrons.

ULM needs to change their status as an alcohol-free campus and be clear about the rules students must follow.

It is not fair for the student body to have to abide by rules that are not followed on the entire campus. If I am allowed to buy a beer at a football game, then I should be allowed to have a beer in my fridge on campus.