SGA’s new leadership plans to connect with students

Chloe Chapel

ULM’s Student Government Association is under new leadership, which plans to take SGA in a new direction.

With former President Lauren Fee and Vice President Jay Parker graduating this May, their spots needed to be filled by students with the same passion and drive.

Ethan Estis and David Hernan- dez both wanted to take on the challenge of filling Parker and Fee’s shoes when they ran for president and vice president, and it paid off.

Estis was voted in by students as SGA’s president and Hernandez as vice president.

Estis’ campaign was called “The New Direction,” which he said will bring “more clarity, optimism, inclusion and accessibility amongst our SGA.”

“We should have more clarity in what we are implementing, optimism about the future, inclusion in our organization and every- one in our organization must be accessible,” Estis said.
Hernandez ran with a similar campaign. His was titled “Change
Begins with Students.” He plans on listening to students’ needs so they aren’t afraid to speak up and be the catalyst for change.
“I firmly believe that our students are the driving force to build a stronger road to a bright- er future, and that’s why I also included that we need to begin promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our own community,” Hernandez said. “By promoting inclusion, we can learn about all aspects of our diverse campus and unite together to drive forward.”