International Week closes with pingpong, soccer

Maggie Eubanks

Each international student brings with them their own unique culture. From food to games to music, everyone’s culture deserves to be celebrated and learned about.

The International Student Association chose to wrap up International Week with a game night at the International Student House.

Gina White, the director of International Affairs, said she was excited to have the house open so students could enjoy what they have to offer.

“We wanted everyone to come and enjoy the international student center, play on the video games, soccer, pingpong, whatever your game of choice would be,” White said.

White said the event allowed students an opportunity to blend their cultures.

“We know food is a common cultural thing along with games and music. They get to sit around, enjoy each other and talk in fellowship,” White said.

The international house hasn’t been able to host many events because of the pandemic, but this was a great way to start things back up. Attendees had to the opportunity to join students playing pingpong, or they could venture outside for a game of cricket or soccer.

Though the rain tried to interfere with the outdoor festivities, the fun did not stop.

Subash Sabtoka, a freshman representative of the Nepalese Student Association, said he was excited to come to an event like this that celebrates diversity at ULM.

“I think the international house is working for us and developing a more diverse culture and bringing unity among [students], which is a good thing for a multicultural university like ULM,” Sabtoka said.

ULM has always made sure to host events that value the international community.

Hieu Mai, a Vietnamese marketing major, said he loves to attend events where he can meet new friends and learn about their cultures.

“I went to the food festival on Tuesday. It was crazy and fun. The food was very nice, and I got to meet some new friends during International Week,” Hieu Mai said.

He said that it is great to see how much ULM supports international students and creates a supportive community.

“ULM really greatly supports international students. I have so many opportunities,” Hieu Mai said. “ULM is re- ally a place for international students like me.”