Food festival brings culture, students together

Beau Benoit

Welcomed by enticing aromas, many students had the opportunity to enjoy food and drinks from around the globe at the International Food Festival.

Countries such as Ukraine, Bangladesh and France were represented, among many others. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., delicious cuisine was available to anyone with an appetite.

The Ukrainian table had items such as borscht, which is a beet soup, and kompot, which is a mixed berry beverage. Junior kinesiology major Vincent Tran said the Ukrainian food was his favorite.

“I would totally come back again,” Tran said.

Other favorites at the festival in- clude the Brazilian brigadeiros, which are fudge balls made from condensed milk, and Nepalese panipuri, which is hollow flatbread filled with broth.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone who entered Bayou Pointe leaving with an empty stomach given the sheer number of scrumptious selections.

Freshman biology major Diane Dial said all the food was great.

“I don’t usually go to campus events because I’m busy, so coming to this one I actually had a good time,” Dial said.

While anyone dining had a fun experience, those serving food enjoyed the festival as well. Charlotte

Fourdraine, a sophomore business administration major, ran the table for French cuisine. She served crepes with whipped cream and caramel, as well as fondant choco- lat, which is a traditional chocolate cake.

“It was very nice,” Fourdraine said. “I could share my culture with all my friends and people I didn’t know.”

With her decadent desserts, Fourdraine was left with only crumbs as the festival came to a close, a similar outcome to many of the tables.

The festival was so popular that many tables ran out of food before the 1 p.m. closing time. Even those