Lawrence creates another “BIG” hit

ULM Hawkeye

“Big Momma’s House: Like Father, Like Son” is the third installment of the series created after the first “Big Momma’s House” in 2000. The idea of having “Big Momma” was cre­ated by actor, Martin Lawrence and was a BIG hit in the box of­fice.

Lawrence plays an FBI agent named Malcolm, dressed up as big momma to cover his iden­tity. In the third installment, Lawrence’s stepson Tren (Bran­don T. Jackson) works alongside his stepfather.

Instead of college, a rapping career is on his mind. While try­ing to convince his stepdad to sign a music contract for him, he follows his dad on the job.

He witnesses a murder, and now Trent is in danger. After be­ing followed, Malcolm decides he wants to hide him, and Trent is introduced to his “BIG” cover up.

I enjoyed the movie; it was funny very entertaining. Martin Lawrence always brings laugh­ter.