Inflation Reduction Act is a must for climate change

Kassidy Taylor

Climate change threatens the community’s access to essential needs such as clean water, air and food.

The World Health Organization says the biggest issue of this century is climate change. The Inflation Reduction Act is much needed and will provide a substantial advancement in clean energy and environmental justice.

This climate bill was passed by the House of Representatives and has been sent to President Biden to be signed into law within weeks. Aside from combating inflation, this legislation will also tackle climate change.

It will allow $369 billion in spending to fight against climate change.

Nothing this large has been done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions until now. This bill is the most significant fight against climate change in decades.

Biden aims for pollution to be reduced by 50% from 2005 levels by the year 2030.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency says fossil fuel carbon emissions have significantly increased since 1900 and CO2 emissions have increased by 90% since 1970.

This issue cannot be ignored and deserves the utmost attention. The American Physical Society states that climate change is a “critical issue” and can cause disruptions around the world. It is urgent that this legislation be implemented and the Biden administration take proper action to ensure that greenhouse gas emission levels fall.

The proposed bill offers tax credits for those implementing cleaner energy sources. It might also provide more job opportunities and reduce energy bills. In addition, it will help people afford clean energy vehicles and appliances. There will be a $3 billion investment in creating cleaner ports.

This will not only decrease pollution, but also improve the health of those living nearby as a side effect. There will also be investment in cleaner modes of transportation as well as cleaner manufacturing methods for industries. There will be a fee on the oil and gas industry for the methane pollution they produce. This is important because industries need to be held more accountable for the pollution they are releasing in our community’s air and water.

While this bill is a great leap in the right direction, it is not a godsend, and much more must be done to solve the climate crisis.