FBI had every right to search Mar-A-Lago estate

Jonah Bostick

 On Aug. 8, the FBI conducted a search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. 

During the search, the FBI removed boxes of material that might have included documentation that was criminally possessed by the former president. 

As a result of the search, many Trump supporters have spoken out and threatened the FBI, so much so the organization had to barricade its headquarters. 

The search was validated, and the threats against the FBI need to be toned down. 

The main argument against the search is that it was politically motivated, and the FBI only raided Trump’s estate because they are unfavorable towards him. 

If there was no evidence found at the estate, then this would be a reasonable argument. However, there was documentation found. 

Some also argue that the FBI had no right to raid the Mar-A-Lago residence. The FBI was able to obtain a search warrant from a judge and, according to the BBC, the effort was signed off on by the head of the justice department. 

The agents involved in the search even contacted and gained approval from the Secret Service. With an approved search warrant and access into the property by the Secret Service, the FBI had every legal right to investigate the estate and look for evidence regarding Trump’s handling of government documentation. 

As far as the threats that have been made against the FBI regarding the search, many of them have been extreme. 

The FBI and DHS have recently issued a joint intelligence bulletin that says there have been cries for civil war and armed rebellion. There has also been a bomb threat to the D.C. FBI headquarters. 

Distaste for the FBI can be understandable, but legitimately threatening the organization is completely uncalled for. Trump himself has come out and said that the threats needed to cool down, though he did add that the anger towards the FBI was justified. 

Threats against the FBI also endangered the country in which it stands for. People calling for civil war do nothing but hurt the stability of our country, and these kinds of threats only further increase the division between the population. 

Despite any unfavorable views of the former president, the FBI had legitimate claims to search the estate, making the legal investigation of the property valid. Openly threatening the organization and calling for civil war is taking it a step too far.